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Just a rant on the right to be eccentric.

My thoughts on Originality.
'Normal' is just another word for 'mediocre.' The only reason anyone would judge how I dress is because they are insecure. The reason they are so negative about how I express myself creatively is because they apparently have no creativity of their own, therefore they have more time to judge what I do. I'm not 'conventional,' I know, but then, neither was Einstein. My object in life is to NOT be like the mindless, faceless hoardes of brainwashed zombies who conform to the unfair, fascist rules of society. It's particularly interesting to note that it's generally the people who urge us to learn tolerance for other races and cultures, yet will turn around and shun people of their own kind simply for being different. How can I learn to accept other cultures and races when I am a victim of prejudice for how I express myself? Prejudice is prejudice whether it's directed at one's race, ethnicity, belief system, or (as in my case) their ideals and individuality. It's simple minded hypocrites such as these who are either too blind or too stupid to bother to try to understand and accept unconventionalists like yours truly. What's worse, is that the youth of this hypocritical type actually appear to find PLEASURE in the incessant mistreatment of their own kind. And then they have the nerve to act shocked when things happen such as the shooting at Columbine occur. I do not endorse behavior as what happened there, butI can definately see WHY it happened, and in spite of what common ignorance would lead one to believe, things like this DO NOT occur as a result of music or movies. They occure because of ignorance towards other's feelings. Maybe the gunmen WERE weird. But that does not justify them being harrassed day after day simply because they chose to be different. But the hypocrites who continue to torture, both emotionally and in some cases, physically, the ones who don't 'fit in' are, yet again, too blind to realize the consequences of their own actions. Perhaps they are jealous because they see in these so-called 'outcasts' a quality that they do not possess: the courage to step out and be unique.