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Anti-Christian Theory

I am the Antichrist.

Okay, I have to start out by saying that truth is in the mind of the believer. If you believe in something hard enough than it's true for you. If you are a Christian, fine. But don't impose your beliefs on other people, not everyone has to think like you. I don't hate all Christians, just the ones who are close minded and insult me and my beliefs. It isn't really what you believe in that counts, it's the act of believing in something that gives comfort to the believer. Also, I have given alot of thought to this subject and I do realize that if I were to apply rational thought to ANY belief system I could probably come up with millions of ways to disprove it. The only reason I chose to work at Christianity alone is because it is Christians alone who always seem to have a problem with accepting diversity with other people's religions, or in my case, lack of religion. They seem to think that because I don't have any real religious beliefs, that gives them the right to try to convert me to their ways, threatening with "eternal damnation" if I didn't turn to their god.

Recently I seem to be attracting a great deal of Christians who are trying to convert me and "save my soul." Well, if you've ever been in the position where you were forced to rationalize and explain that not everybody has to think the same way and carry the same beliefs to a crusading Christian, then you'll understand what an impossible task it really is. People who have been brainwashed into believing the Christian lie are about as stubborn as they are close minded. And that's why I decided to write this, to reveal just a few of the many holes and mistakes there are in Christian theories. Here are the facts:
1.Christianity is a cult.
Yes, it's a very large and widespread cult, but a cult nonetheless. They try to convert you, and discourage you from keeping an open mind and thinking for yourself. Mass control is what it's about, and I must say, they really are doing quite a good job of controlling the masses. Just about everything according to them is a sin, unless the church ok's it. The biggest miracle about Christianity is that so many people actually take it seriously and follow it!
2.Christianity is sexist and anti-Semetic.
The only woman in the bible who isn't in league with Satan or evil in some way is Mary. God is male, Jesus is male, the saints and angels are all male. Where do women come in here? It seems as though the only reason women exist is to serve either men or evil, and to have kids. Also, in the bible there's many references as to how Jews are evil and must be killed. Why is this exactly? It makes even LESS sense when you take into consideration that JESUS was technically a Jew. But then the bible never did make any sense, which brings us to the next fact...
3.The bible is senseless gibberish.
Have you ever READ the bible? Ever noticed how it sounds like the incoherent ramblings of a madman? If somebody today said things about angels with swords for tongues and God telling them what to write, they would be locked away in an insane asylum. So then what difference does it make that the bible was written thousands of years ago? I guess that people weren't able to lie and make up stories like they do today, right, so therefore the bible MUST be true. Actually, I think the fact it was written so far back should make it less credible; bathing was rare due to limited water supply so the bible's author was probably so high from huffing the fumes of his own stinking body that he was suffering from visual and auditory hallucinations. And if God really DID dictate this writing, then WHY does the bible constantly contradict itself? Was God making it all up and just a bad liar or really stupid or what? No, I'll tell you why it's poorly written and is always contradicting itself: because it was written by a human who was just a really aweful writer.
4.The bible contradicts itself.
For example, Adam and Eve were supposedly the first ever living creatures and all humans were born of them and their children. So then technically, we are all the product of incest. Yet the bible also says that incest is a sin. Not to mention that Adam and Eve were not exactly married, yet sex out of wedlock is also a sin, and how did Eve have kids? Artificial insemination? I think not.
5.Science has proven alot of the bible to be wrong.
For instance, DINOSAURS lived on Earth millions of years before humans ever came into existance. Just for fun, go to your local church and ask a priest which came first, the dinosaur or the human? See how he reacts, it's really quite funny to watch a priest get flustered.
6.Rational thought also proves much of the bible wrong.
Think about Noah and the Ark. He put two of every species of animal on that thing, supposedly. First off, how'd he FIND two of every animal in the first place? There are over a billion different species of insects alone. You're telling me that ONE person got all of these animals together on a big boat in just a couple of days? Some people dedicate their whole LIVES to finding just one species, and never have any luck with it. Plus, what did they eat on the Ark? Was there a grazing pasture on the Ark? How'd he keep them from eating each other? How'd he keep them from mating? If an animal mates out of wedlock, is it a sin? Does that mean all animals are going to Hell for mating? No cute little puppies and kittens in Heaven? Okay, I 'm getting sidetracked here. Back to the point now, JUST THINK ABOUT HOW BAD IT HAD TO STINK, all those animals CRAPPING all over. Yeah, Noah must've had a hell of a time scooping poop. Maybe God gave him a magical poop scooper- no wait I forgot, magic is a sin. Not to mention that some animals will die if the temperature is not right. Well, I guess I should move along to the next fact now...
7.Christianity is based on a lie.
It's based on the bible and the bible is a lie.
8.Christianity is sadistic.
Think about Jesus. He was brutally tortured, NAILED to a wooden cross, and left to die- and he didn't even do anything WRONG. Wow, isn't that pleasant. If God is so righteous, why'd he let an innocent pay for somebody else's crime? No wait, if God is so LOVING why did he let ANYBODY get killed, why didn't he just forgive humanity? And if he's so powerful why didn't he just wash the world clean of all evil and sin? No, his anger could only be appeased by having somebody slaughtered. A LOVING God wouldn't HAVE such anger issues in the first place. And his plan didn't even WORK, because the world grows more and more corrupt, even today.
9.Satan does not exist.
No wait, I should take that back, Satan DOES exist, in each and every one of us, but not in the way Christians would lead you to believe. They claim Satan is the source of all evil and sin, the only reason they claim that is that they are too weak to accept the reality of their own corruption and accept the blame for it. So they create a scapegoat to blame all of their shortcomings on, that way they never have to own up to anything. Some pagans claim that Christians created Satan's image to look like one of their own gods, Pan. I believe they probably did, because the pagans weren't willing to convert. After all, if you can't force them to think like you, why not do the second best thing and sabotage their religion to make them look like devil worshippers? I'm not saying paganism is any better than Christianity, but at least the pagans stick to themselves and don't force people to see things their way.
10.Christianity kills.
More people died during the Crusades and in Christian executions (witch trials, etc) than died in both world wars combined.
Okay well I could list 100 more reasons why Christianity is senseless, but you've probably already gotten the point, unless of course you are extremely dense. If you want to read more theories like mine, go to Christianburner.com, and if you have any comments about this section of my site- or any of my site, for that matter- please email me at pyrovoltage@hotmail.com, I'll reply as soon as I can. Thanx for reading this far, anyways.

Feedback JULY 2002: I received an email from a Christian who had seen my site and apparently thought this article was bullshit rhetoric. He went on to say how I was misinformed, he pitied me because I was 'obviously a very angry depressed person who needs to lash out at something' and that I was as dogmatic in my beliefs as were the Christians who attempt to force their beliefs on others. I replied to his email correcting him about his misjudgement of me and my emotional state (I'm rarely depressed unless I have a good reason, and if I needed to 'lash out' I would just kick the shit out of an enemy or make my work-out regimen more intense). As for his comments on the innacuracy of my article here, I practically begged him to 'enlighten' me with the knowledge he seemed to think he had, which he refused to do, most likely because he couldn't. He said, 'go read the Bible, which you apparently haven't done,' which I found amusing, because I have read the dark fairy tale that is the Bible, and while it has some artistic value for the heavy imagery depicted, it's also obviously fictional, or at least some incredibly arcane metaphor. As for dogmatism, maybe I am dogmatic in my beliefs, but so far nothing has challenged my convictions. Besides, I'm not out on the street corner preaching at people (last week I went to South Street to do some shopping, a rabid Christian was screaming verses from the Bible at the top of his lungs and yelling about sinners and how we were all gonna burn in hell... This man should know I guess, he looked and sounded like he was from some hell dimension), or telling random strangers in a self righteous matter-of-fact tone that they were heathens and needed to turn to God (as has happened to my mother at least once when a woman in the supermarket saw a pentacle around her neck). No, I put up an article on my site... I don't force people to look at it, much less read it. I don't go up to anybody wearing a crucifix and start inflicting my personal beliefs on them... mainly because it's not worth the hassle.
P.S.- I love getting feedback, and I welcome criticism- but try to keep it contructive; ie, refrain from petty name-calling, afterall, telling me I'm a pathetic angry and deeply disturbed individual doesn't achieve anything for you, and means even less to me, considering that you probably really don't know shit about me aside from what you've read on this site.