Links to other sites.

Cybernetic Blasphemy

<..This is my other site, Cybernetic Blasphemy..>


<..DeviantArt is the best art community I've come across, and it's free to join. Go see my stuff there at VoltzeN ..>

Imperial Authoritarian Party

<..Imperial Authoritarian Party- rhetoric on the site pretty much matches my political beliefs..>


<..The official website of my favorite band..>

The Cyberpunk Project

<..The Cyberpunk Project... name says it all, I think..>

Anti-Social Primer

<..Anti-Social Primer, a fuckin hilarious site..>

Insta Rivethead Kit

<..Sykospark's 'Insta Rivethead Kit,' sort of parody based on the stereotypes of the subculture I best fit into..>

Body Modification Ezine

<..BME; there's alot of awesome shit in here.... piercings, tattoos, scarification, ritual torture, self mutilation... that sort of thing..>


<..A site dealing with occult, crime and conspiracy. I especially like "The Z Files," about my favorite serial killer, Zodiac, one of the few that was never caught. The article about Project Mind Kontrol is awesome too. Sure wish I could brainwash people..>