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HAha made you look!


My fantasy. Don't worry, I haven't gone on a massacre.... YET.


self portrait, I guess.... some people said I would look like that if I was possessed.

For those of you who are stupid, this page just has some pix i drew of myself. If you are observant, you probably noticed I am wearing black in both of these pictures. That's because it's my favorite color- my entire wardrobe is black. It's not a joke, and no, I'm not a goth. I just don't like to wear colors (clothing, that is, I don't mind wearing colored jewelry and accesories). Alot of people have tried (and FAILED miserably) to get me to wear clothing that isn't black. But see, the more you push me to do something, the more I'm determined not to do it. If you don't like it, fuck you. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!.... ok I feel much better now thank you.