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Hit List


Pro-lifers who want abortions to be illegal, I hope their young daughters get raped and end up pregnant- WITH TRIPLETS.
White people who try to act "ghetto", actually I hate anybody who tries to be something they are not, especially if they lower themselves in the process.
Preps, jocks, and cheerleaders, their music sucks, their brains only exist to keep their heads from caving in, and cheerleaders are like dancers on drugs.
People who do (recreational) drugs because they think it makes them "cool", because they OBVIOUSLY don't care about themselves, if they did they wouldn't do drugs. If they died there would be more room for people who care about themselves.
People who think they are smart just because they have a wide range of knowledge. It isn't how much you know that makes you smart, it's what you do with the knowledge you have.
People who try to convert you to their religion, especially the ones who say you will burn in hell if you don't turn to their god. First off, can I have a road map to hell? Where in never-never land is it, near the Easter bunny's house or the tooth fairy's house? Second, even if I DID believe in god, I would A)hate the fucker's guts, or B)believe myself to be god. If you are "spiritually enlightened," good for you, just leave me out of it.
Vegetarians who preach at people who eat meat, I mean, ANIMALS in the wild eat meat too, and humans ARE animals too, technically. I, personally, think the world would be a better place if people would eat each other too, it would cut down the overflowing population rate.
People who torture animals- NO I am NOT being a hypocrite, I said people who TORTURE, not people who KILL animals. I mean, if you are going to kill an animal for food or something, go for it, but to torture an animal just makes no sense, not when there are so many annoying humans around to torture instead.
Anybody who hates me, or thinks they are better than me, because I hate them, and if I hate you, then simply KNOWING this should make you want to shrivel up and die, so feel free to do it and make the world a better place.
OK there are ALOT more people I could add to this list, but I don't want to bore you, and you've probably gotten a good idea of the kind of people I hate anyways. Hope you aren't one of them... but if you are, please do everbody a favor and die. Thanx I appreciate it.

Have a nice day :)