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Poems by me...


the outcasts pace their iron cage
their eyes alive with inhuman rage
as they stand upon this lonely stage
for all the world to see.

no one is there to soothe their pain
no one is there to end satan's reign
this ignorance hurts and it drives them insane
but soon the world will pay.

the time has come for these angry ones
to seize the world with their bombs and guns
the most popular girl now screams and runs
as the bullet pierces her brain.

all their lives they were tortured and teased
seeing their pain the jocks were pleased
but the jocks didnt laugh when the school was seized
in a spray of bullets and flame.

their tragic end came with suicide
a shot to the head and then they died
releasing all of the hate kept inside
for the ends justifies the means.

media flocks to the bloodstained grounds
getting the news for the cities and towns
their faces covered in saddened frowns
as they learn of the massacre.

the nation seems shocked by this "tragedy"
but although they look they still can't see
that they caused this violent insanity
by provoking the outcasts' hate.

they only got what was coming to them
if they dont learn it will happen again
just wait and see what will be in the end
if they dont clean up their ways.

(If you read what I put on the first page of my site, you'll know that one person seemed to be offended by this one and wanted me to actually remove it. Well I have a message for her: F*ck off, this is MY site I'll do what I want. This poem will be here as long as I want it and if anybody has a problem then with it they can get off of this site and go to their own private hell.)