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I was not im a happy mood when I wrote this.

When all you have ever known is pain, then pain becomes your friend especially when you have no true friends. Loneliness becomes a familiar, welcome thing, and hate becomes a comfort. Humanity rips your heart out, leaving a hole, and all you've got to fill that hole with is anger and sadness. But when the tears dry they turn to blood, and you take it all in masochistic silence until you can't take it anymore, then you snap and lash out at what you hate, all the people who made you become the violent, angry creature you are now. All those years of torture, you dealt with it all in silence, like a martyr. Now is your chance to get revenge. For so long you've wondered how they could find pleasure in the constant mistreatment of their own kind, and soon you will know, and experience for yourself the sheer sadistic ecstacy of the destruction of those who hurt you. Payback's a bitch.