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This first log here is between me and this bitch, Kimberleigh Keister, AKA wintersibs. She annoyed me in chat rooms several times, so I decided to have some fun at her expense. LoL

XxZyTrExX: hello.
wintersibs: Hi whos this?
XxZyTrExX: Zy.
XxZyTrExX: is this kim?
wintersibs: do i know you
XxZyTrExX: i dont know, are you kim?
wintersibs: Do i know you...
XxZyTrExX: if you are kim, then you do.
wintersibs: I am Kim..Who are you
XxZyTrExX: i am Zy.
XxZyTrExX: whatsup?
wintersibs: Whats your name
XxZyTrExX: Zy.
wintersibs: i don't know Zy
XxZyTrExX: dont you remember me?
wintersibs: I want your ReAL LIFE NAME
XxZyTrExX: you dont know it
XxZyTrExX: dont you remember me??????
wintersibs: fuck no who the fuck is your real name
XxZyTrExX: so where were you like, all last week?
wintersibs: I can't read your shit fix it now.. and ty me who you are how do you know me or get fucking blocked
XxZyTrExX: there is no reason to be vulgar, Keister.
wintersibs: I got depressed and i want to Washington to vist my Uncle on the coaust
XxZyTrExX: i never said i did.
XxZyTrExX: but if you must know, through the computer. thats how.
XxZyTrExX: why are you being so..... aggressive?
wintersibs: i don'tr know who you are.. going be blocking you
XxZyTrExX: wait
XxZyTrExX: i have over 100 sns.
wintersibs: How do you know me throw the computer did you hack me
XxZyTrExX: ill just go under another
XxZyTrExX: no dont be silly
XxZyTrExX: hacking is..... childish.
wintersibs: are you Nash that loser
XxZyTrExX: umm no?
XxZyTrExX: im not male.
XxZyTrExX: who is nash?
wintersibs: I going just block you bye
XxZyTrExX: wait
wintersibs: what state do you live in?
XxZyTrExX: i have a mobile home, i travel
XxZyTrExX: what about you?
XxZyTrExX: no wait, let me guess
XxZyTrExX: do you live at.......... 937 kathy st los banos ca 63635 5228, phone #209 827 1214?
wintersibs: Who do you know i might know
XxZyTrExX: i know you.
XxZyTrExX: but...... you dont know i know you. well you know NOW, i guess
wintersibs: Nope i live I moved 2 years ago to Roaseville on the coasut
XxZyTrExX: ahh
XxZyTrExX: i thought so.... hmm thanx for updating me
XxZyTrExX: you did live there.... you just moved recently 
wintersibs: How did you get that old address... i want to know
XxZyTrExX: phone number changed?
XxZyTrExX: i just...... did
XxZyTrExX: i am a stalker. thats why im a bit surprised you didnt recognize me
wintersibs: My mom and dad slod that house 6 months ago and moved to Hawwii
XxZyTrExX: i was in a mental institution for the last two and a half years
wintersibs: I going report you
XxZyTrExX: are you?
XxZyTrExX: good, please do.
wintersibs: I forwaing this all to the FBI
XxZyTrExX: gooooood
XxZyTrExX: i hope you do
wintersibs: My one Uncle is a FBI Agent in Santa Clara
XxZyTrExX: i have connections to the government, so dont bother
XxZyTrExX: my uncles in the secret service
XxZyTrExX: soooo...... HA!
wintersibs signed off at 10:53:24 PM.