cybernetic blasphemy
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WARNING- This site contains material that some people might find offensive or insulting. If you're one of these people, that's not my problem. You got yourself here somehow, you can get yourself out. Just don't bitch to me because I'll probably make fun of you and might post it on this site somewhere.

Welcome to cybernetic blasphemy. I created this site so I could post chat/message logs where I insult, harrass, torment, or otherwise mentally overpower an online target. Why? Because it's funny. At least I think so, as well as most of my friends (online and off). If you don't think it's funny, you can go suck a gaping neckwound. If you find a log on here with your screen name or ICQ number on it, and you want me to take it down, then just email me at, so that I can further mock you and post your whiny email as well. LoL ~VěLTZEN.

Yea... I neglected this site since I first created it, LoL. Well, I just added 5 new AIM logs. All of the targets in them were people I found by searching the AOL database for Christian zealots one night when I was bored out of my mind, with the intent of bugging them under my SN 'JoinSatansArmy.' The result? NOT ONE OF THEM FUCKING RESPONDED. Oh well, I still amused myself. I also added a new ICQ log- Chilavert. Go read my shit. You know you want to. ~VěLTZEN
Site still under heavy construction. Come back later when I have something here worth looking at. ~VěLTZEN