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He disturbed me.

Session Start (ICQ - 144685563:119837077): Sat Jan 26 16:28:42 2002
119837077: Hi... ^^
dog-girl: hi
119837077: Can I disturb you??? ^^
dog-girl: i'm far more disturbing than you can ever hope to be, i think you'll have a hard time trying to disturb me
dog-girl: but why?
119837077: I want chat with you, only this... why you have this nickname???
dog-girl: because i felt like it
dog-girl: why not?
119837077: You are... a dog-girl???
dog-girl: no, that is genetically impossible. i am a regular human with the nickname dog-girl
119837077: But your mind... is like a dog mind???
dog-girl: no my mind is more like the mind of an evil genius, why do you ask?
dog-girl: are you looking for people who think like you?
119837077: Because I'm a werewolf...
dog-girl: i'm sure.
dog-girl: wolf is not the same as dog
119837077: Ehehe... you are a weredog??? ^^
dog-girl: no, i am a human
119837077: A nice human girl??? ^_-
dog-girl: i think i'm nice, but my enemies would beg to differ, im sure
119837077: And are you also... a slave??? ^_-
dog-girl: slavery was abolished in the states many years ago
119837077: I know... but I speak about sex-slave... ^^
dog-girl: **SYNTAX ERROR**
dog-girl: **SYSTEM FAILURE**
dog-girl: I like my pizza shaken, not stirred
119837077: ^^;
dog-girl: Interlocking Muffin Technology
119837077: What??? ^^;
dog-girl: Spam Is A Registered Trademark
119837077: Ok... ^^;;;
dog-girl: Haiku Haiku Hai/ku Haiku Haiku Haiku/This Is A Haiku
dog-girl: It's A Bug And It Hates You
dog-girl: Thank you, please drive through.
*** Error while sending IM: Not logged on
Session Close (119837077): Sat Jan 26 16:46:03 2002