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Some people are just too easy to confuse.


Session Start (ICQ - 72080196): Fri Jan 25 03:25:51 2002

72080196: hi

PyroVolt: hi

72080196: how r u

PyroVolt: im not sure

72080196: not sure about what ?

PyroVolt: how i am, or even who i am for that matter.

PyroVolt: all i know is that i am not me, but who are you?

72080196: i am tarique
well u wanna see me ?

PyroVolt: i have no preference either way, if you want me to see you then go ahead and show me yourself. if not, that's fine too.

72080196: well as u wish
i will show u my pics
anyways where are u from ?

PyroVolt: I am from the moon. what about you?

72080196: i am from earth
have u been to earth ?

PyroVolt: i am not sure

PyroVolt: i currently live online.

72080196: hmmmmm
u seems to be puzzled

PyroVolt: no, i live online.

72080196: wow online same as me

72080196: goood
and what r u loooking for ?

PyroVolt: yes so in effect i live everywhere that online is, but nowhere because where exactly is online?

PyroVolt: i am not looking for anything

PyroVolt: what kind of question is that?

PyroVolt: do you think i lost something?

72080196: nothing 
i am puzzled as well

72080196: no u havent lost anything

PyroVolt: good for you but i am not puzzled.

PyroVolt: how do you know i havent lost anything?

PyroVolt: maybe i have

PyroVolt: are you spying on me?

72080196: uffffff
u r confusing me

72080196: no i am not spying on u

PyroVolt: no you are confusing yourself by asking me strange questions

PyroVolt: are you sure?

72080196: yes i am sure

PyroVolt: are you sure that you're sure?

72080196: yesi am sure htat i am sure

PyroVolt: maybe you are sure but you arent really you right now and who you are isnt sure so in effect neither are you, did you ever think of that?

72080196: i am thinking about it now

PyroVolt: why?

72080196: i dont know why

PyroVolt: are you sure?

72080196: wait i will send u my pics

PyroVolt: maybe part of you knows but you dont know that part knows, maybe you dont even know that part of you exists

PyroVolt: mm ok then.

PyroVolt: how exactly do you intend to send me your pics?

72080196: thru icq
PyroVolt: ok then, what are you waiting for?

72080196: its not going
some problem
u have a mail id i will mail it to u

PyroVolt: i have 7 email addresses, give me a second, i'll randomly choose one


72080196: ok i am sending u

PyroVolt: you are sendinig me? to myself? how is that possible?

72080196: wait

PyroVolt: i can conlude from this picture that you are a male of the homosapiens species, am i correct?

72080196: i am a male 
thats rite
i thopught u knew it

PyroVolt: i suspected it but i can never 'know' anything, because you never know online.

72080196: yes
u have ur pics ?

PyroVolt: yes i have pics, and i suppose that since they are in my possession you could say they are 'my' pics

72080196: brb

PyroVolt: .....are you sure?

72080196: yes

PyroVolt: what if you get hit on the head with a frying pan, and dont come back?

PyroVolt: would that make you a liar?

72080196: i am goingto light a smoke

PyroVolt: Bad command or file name

72080196: mail me

PyroVolt: mail you what?

72080196: ur pics babre

PyroVolt: Bad command or file name

72080196: mail me tha pics

PyroVolt: what is 'babre'?

PyroVolt: i have many pics, which do you want me to send?

72080196: something sexy

PyroVolt: you mean like porn?

72080196: anything if u have porn send me

PyroVolt: not worth the effort, you can find your own porn, what would be my motivation for retrieving it for you?

72080196: what ?

PyroVolt: Bad command or file name

72080196: whats ba din it

PyroVolt: Bad command or file name

PyroVolt: *session terminating*

Session Close (72080196): Fri Jan 25 04:02:33 2002