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This guy never messaged me again... was it something I said??

     ICQ History Log For:   
        140451312  ___diehard___
 Started on Thu Mar 14 15:52:37 2002
___diehard  3:37 PM are you to nght?Im footslave...I want
                                  to lick your feets

PyroVolt  3:38 PM  but i have no feets, im an amputee

___diehard  3:39 PM  why?

PyroVolt  3:39 PM  when i was kidnapped by russian spies, they
                                  tortured me, and cut my feet off at the

PyroVolt  3:39 PM  so all I have is stubs

PyroVolt  3:39 PM  you can lick my stubs if you want

___diehard  3:40 PM  yes...

PyroVolt  3:41 PM  kinky...... would you also like a wormy stream
                                  of ass vomit in your mouth, or are you not
                                  into scat?

PyroVolt  3:47 PM  'ello?