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What's the deal with people trying to cyber with me on ICQ??

     ICQ History Log For:   
          139320436  snob2527
 Started on Mon Jan 07 17:34:09 2002
snob2527    hey :)

PyroVolt     hey

snob2527    hey how r u

PyroVolt     ok, u?

snob2527    honeslty, cold and horny :(

PyroVolt     heh

snob2527    what a combination huh? :)

PyroVolt     a bit like the combination of human feces with
                                  battery acid.

snob2527    well in that case, your distain for how i am
                                  probably means u no longer want to talk

PyroVolt     ......huh?

snob2527    well u have to be at least cold or horny if u
                                  wanna talk to me :)

PyroVolt     mm..... ok. well i just came out of a ten year
                                  cryogenic freeze, i guess im pretty cold
                                  considering that im still thawing out.

PyroVolt     but why do i have to be cold or horny to talk
                                  to you?

snob2527    haha
                                  so where are u anyway

PyroVolt     in the lab where i was kept frozen for ten
                                  years, what about you?

snob2527    im in center city, philly

PyroVolt     ahh. ok

snob2527    how old ru

PyroVolt     16 years if you dont count the 10 i was kept
                                  in a freezer

snob2527    eww at least say 17, that makes it legal for
                                  me to go down on u

PyroVolt     'eww'? well i cant say 17, that would be
                                  innacurate whether you counted the ten years
                                  or not.

snob2527    heh

snob2527    and im sure u arent even up for oral anyway

PyroVolt     well if you want to suck on my frozen twat go
                                  ahead, it'd probably help thaw it out anyway

snob2527    heh well where are u first?  u anywhere close
                                  to cc

snob2527    plus are 16 yr olds even able to get out on a
                                  monday night, itsnt it a school nite

PyroVolt     i am not at liberty to give out the exact
                                  location of the lab

PyroVolt     i am not permitted to leave the lab without my
                                  lab tech

snob2527    oh well then i cant thaw your twat :)

PyroVolt     you'll have to fight my lab tech for it.

snob2527    im not much of a fighter

PyroVolt     why not?

snob2527    do u even have a pict

PyroVolt     yea but its in my files and i have no access
                                  to them, only my lab tech and the supervisor
                                  of this operation have access

snob2527    okay well in that case ill say bye

PyroVolt     why's that?

PyroVolt     you think you're too good to suck my

snob2527    cause u cant do anything yourself so whats the
                                  point of talking to u

snob2527    i should have ICQd your lab tech

PyroVolt     well in that case, i'll have to say fuck you
                                  you maggot infested cunt!

PyroVolt     my lab tech is a guy

snob2527    well whateva

snob2527    i didnt know u were un single

PyroVolt     but he might be willing to ream your tight
                                  little asshole with his cock

PyroVolt     if you're into that

snob2527    im not up for that

PyroVolt     who said i was un-single?

PyroVolt     oh i see, now you think youre too good for my
                                  lab tech's dick huh?

snob2527    im just not bi thats all

PyroVolt     oh

snob2527    like if u had a pict id consider going down on

PyroVolt     why not? i mean if you were you could come
                                  over to the lab and we could have a bisexual

PyroVolt     ha

snob2527    nah thats coo

PyroVolt     you already considered it because you said it

snob2527    well i couldnt make an offer w/o a picture

PyroVolt     you must have considered it before you said it
                                  or else... that would make no sense

PyroVolt     why's that?

snob2527    because id have to find u attractive before id
                                  be like yah want oral?

PyroVolt     well you already asked me that, or made
                                  reference to it.

PyroVolt     and who's to say i'd find you attractive?

snob2527    i made reference to it yah but id never offer
                                  unless i saw u

snob2527    well id send u mine too

PyroVolt     mmhmm

PyroVolt     do you make a habit of looking for frozen

PyroVolt     ......hello?

snob2527    but since ur not at liberty to send it, forget
                                  it u know

snob2527    no, not really

PyroVolt     why not?

snob2527    depends how horny i feel

PyroVolt     i was gonna say..... if you liked cold
                                  pussy..... you could take a trip to the

snob2527    nah thats not my type

PyroVolt     why not? dead girls are sexy.

PyroVolt     nice cold, decaying pussy........ mm!

snob2527    well play dead for me

PyroVolt     why? you said you'd make no offers without my

snob2527    well then send it

PyroVolt     so what obligation am i under to play dead for

PyroVolt     i said i cant.

snob2527    well send your picture first


PyroVolt     would you like to talk to my lab tech? he said
                                  he'd give it to you if you'd let him pump your
                                  ass full of cum.

snob2527    okay im out of here

PyroVolt     hey!!!

PyroVolt     why??

snob2527    i told u i wasnt bi

PyroVolt     yeah but you didnt tell my lab tech that

PyroVolt     and he thinks you are

PyroVolt     he says that any guy who would go by the name
                                  of 'snob' MUST have gay tendencies

snob2527    well id know me better, i said i wasnt

PyroVolt     there's nothing wrong with being bi...... you
                                  can come out of the closet man, nobody here is
                                  gonna make fun of you

snob2527    latah

PyroVolt     maybe you haven't discovered yourself
                                  yet....... thats ok, we'll help you

snob2527    thanks for the offer anyway

PyroVolt     that's ok, we traced your ip, we'll be over
                                  your place around 8 tonight.

PyroVolt     see you tonight, sexy! ;)

snob2527    see yah

PyroVolt     yeah, see ya at 8! make sure you're ready,
                                  dress nice ok?

snob2527    i wish but latah

PyroVolt     your wish is our command! we'll help you
                                  realize your hidden sexuality