cybernetic blasphemy
J el ECK0


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J is a great kid. I like torturing him. LoL

J el ECK0: Darrly found dead today
J el ECK0: a great pitcher
J el ECK0: But you don't care
Voltzen: lol
J el ECK0: You care about fucking dead people and animal ass sex
Voltzen: you're smart.
Voltzen: oh yes
J el ECK0: Yep
Voltzen: and fucking dead animals up the ass.
J el ECK0: Oh yeh that too
Voltzen: you cant imagine how much roadkill turns me on
Voltzen: rotting corpses are just so sexy, mmm
J el ECK0: Yep, and 10 years from now I'll see a dead pelican in the air delivering your baby
Voltzen: lmao
Voltzen: delivering my dead human/animal hybrid bastard child
J el ECK0: Yup
J el ECK0: <~~~ In Miami right now
J el ECK0: :)
Voltzen: so this guy darrly was found dead huh
J el ECK0: Oh shit, shouldn't have told you
Voltzen: mm, i wanna skull fuck him with my strap-on, and have my dog ass fuck him
J el ECK0: Sick
J el ECK0: Really
J el ECK0: He's dead today
Voltzen: you can join in too but youd have to kill yourself first
J el ECK0: Show some respect, young lady
Voltzen: oh damn he just died today? well wait a few weeks till the maggots come, then ill fuck him
J el ECK0: Ahh, if you get any more sicker
Voltzen: i mean, its like you can just feel the maggots squirming over your tongue when you lick his crusty asshole
J el ECK0: . . .
J el ECK0: Thank god I'm not on AIM, with you
J el ECK0: Those pictures gave me nightmares
Voltzen: ohh yeah mm, thats so sexy, im gonna go get somethin to eat
Voltzen: hahaha no they didnt
J el ECK0: yep
Voltzen: mm dead cow meat brb